Jpeg images found but cannot preview/view most of them.

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Jpeg images found but cannot preview/view most of them.

Postby furlong86 » Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:42 pm

I accidently formatted my sd card the other day and i lost everything, until i searched the net and found your recovery tool, the tool is great and got my photo's back. but when i choose preview on most of the images recoverd in the image box it says

Warning Image format not supported

In the text,hex boxes there is all this writing im not to sure what it means.

Anyway the filesize of the images are about right. 1MB per photo.

I have been changing the settings in the options box for hours now and nothing works!

Can someone please tell me if there is anything else i can try to view my photo's?

Thanks alot

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Postby Maverick » Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:27 am

Dear furlong86,

Sometimes the recovered files could not be opened normally. This is because these files are badly damaged or corrupted. Like overwriting, disk fragmentation, virus infection, all these factors may cause the lost data unrecoverable.
How did you change the option settings of this product? In your case, we suggest you use "Complete Recovery" in this product and change the options to increase the chance of recovery.
The following is the specific procedure:
1.Please run 'Complete Recovery'. Select the device which you want to recover from.
2.Choose the "Option" above and uncheck all the items in the 'FAT12/16/32', 'NTFS', and 'Common' page, then click "OK" to apply the change. And program will return to device list page.
3.Click "Next" to continue. After 'Intelligent Searching', you will see one or more partitions; you should choose the high suggested partition first; if you cannot retrieve your lost files through the high suggested partition, please have a try other partitions below which have files/folders matched, you can select max 4 partitions at a time. And click "NEXT" to recover.
4.After scanning, please use "Search files" option, you can search the target files by their names, types, size and relevant date. (For example, you can type *.jpg and you will find all .jpg files.)
5. After found the file, select it, click 'File Preview'; if this file is not corrupted, you can view it normally. And this file can be recovered successfully. (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .txt, .jpg, .bmp, etc. can be supported to preview)
6. Identify all your desired files and save them manually.

If you already tried that, we suggest you use "RAW" mode to retrieve the files. Here is the method for you to adopt:
1. A device list will pop up after you run 'Complete Recovery';
2. Click the "Option" button above, and then switch to the "RAW" page;
3. Tick the two checkbox "Recover RAW files" and "Recover RAW files only";
4. Click "OK" to ensure, program will return to device list page, select the partition or device which you want recover from, click "Next" to continue.
When the search process finished, the result will be sorted by file types.
Because when using this mode, program will not depend on the file system of the partition, you need to identify your desired files and save them manually, sorry for this inconvenience.

And how did you format the SD card? Have you done (use the computer, make some changes) anything on your original device (which contains the lost data) after you lost your files? What is the exact edition of your operating system? (Plus the detailed version)

Please don't do anything changes (overwrite/delete/format) to your disk/ partition which you want to recover data from. And please save the recovered files to your partition which you don't want to recover data from.

EASEUS Support Team V
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